Playlists Have Passed Album Listenership, Says New Study.

It's no secret that how music is discovered and consumed is changing at a dizzying pace, thanks to streaming music. The latest proof is a survey that shows that listening to playlists have surpassed albums for the first time ever.

Playlists have surpassed albums as a format for music listening in the U.S., according to a new study conducted by LOOP and the Music Business Association (Music Biz).

Based on a May survey of 3,014 U.S. respondents, the report shows that playlists accounted for 31% of total listening time across all demographics, while albums accounted for only 22%. Single track listening remained the dominant format with 46% of total listening time, but that number is down 6% from 2015.

YouTube And Free Streaming Dominate FreeYouTube has emerged as the most used source of audio content, with 42% stating that they used the service to listen to audio for five minutes or more at least once a week. Pandora was next on the list with 31% saying the same, with CDs lagging behind at 22%.

42% of respondents were not paying for music streaming subscriptions because they were happy using ad-supported freemium tiers.

written by Bruce Houghton

This could have implications on how and when new music is released and promoted. The playlist has become a method of breaking new music in the same way radio did. Spotify pluggers have become increasingly important and could really dictate what we listen to. But my belief is that ultimately the quality song will speak for itself. 

I enjoy playlists but personally I still love albums as along with live performances it's the best indicator in judging the quality of the artist. However, the mass market of music listeners prefer the ease of being dictated to according to their mood. Surely marketing departments will want their adverts placed on a popular playlist? A familiar pattern is forming.  



Deep Cuts: Curren$y x Alchemist "500 Pounds Of Gas

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